Gore-fest new horror movie leaves fans ‘passing out’ but grosses £5m on £200k budget

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Terrifier 2 has been highly praised by horror movie fans who have flocked to cinemas to see it for its blood and gore scenes, which are so intense some cinema goers have even passed out

Horror movie fans have flocked to see intense new horror film Terrifier 2, as it just grossed $5.2 million at the box office.

The impressive box office figures are even more staggering considering the horror film was made on a $250,000 budget. In its first weekend the film took a huge $1.8million at the box office with eager cinema goers desperate to follow up on the blood and gore of the first Terrifier film.

The film is packed full of gory scenes, which have even had cinema goers passing out when the film was first released to cinemas in the US, before it became available in the UK.

The scary film follows on from the story of the first movie, with Art the Clown haunting a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween. The sequel picks up a year after the first film when Art the Clown is resurrected thanks to a demonic entity in the form of a little girl.

The film is being praised by critics for its intense gory scenes and horror.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics consensus sits at an impressive 88 percent, with the audience score not much lower at 85 percent.

Sean Burns, a reviewer at North Shore Movies, said: “Good lord, is ‘Terrifier 2’ disgusting. It’s also a blast, if you’re into this kind of thing.”

Matt Donato, a movie reviewer at IGN, said: “Terrifier 2 rips, tears, hacks, shreds, butchers, disembowels, decapitates, devours, pulverizes, tenderizes, slices, dices, skewers – I’m missing plenty – and knock-em-out-dead eviscerates the current competition when it comes to low-budget slasher effects.

Aaron Neuwirth for We Live Entertaiment said: “This is an overlong but effective splatter horror feature that really doesn’t run short on anything.”

The horror movie has not only been highly praised, but it’s also had a huge impact on cinema goers with some even vomiting or passing out from the bloody gore scenes on the screen.

Many have taken to Twitter to share their response, with one user sharing a scene that made them ‘cry and throw up’.

Another user tweeted: “Watching #Terrifier2 my friend just threw up and then passed out. I’ve counted five walk outs so far. I’m loving it.”

Another shared their experience: “I just saw it here in Chicago. 2 walk outs. Lots of screaming… someone almost threw up during the BEDROOM scene. Other then that we all loved it. Stay for the mid credit scene too.”

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