Black Friday smartwatch & fitness tracker deals drop prices on our favorite brands

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Black Friday smartwatch deals and discounts on fitness trackers are guaranteed every year, but some of today’s price drops have taken us by surprise. They’re not just good, they’re pretty damn great. So much so you won’t even feel that guilty when you abandon using the fitness features as soon as the really cold weather kicks in!

Samsung Galaxy models, Fitbits, Fossil, Amazfit and co are all getting involved and we expect even more brands and models to pop up over the next few days. As someone that covers deals throughout the year, it’s great to see this deals mark the lowest prices on the year on most items. 

It’s not just older models seeing some tempting offers, some of last year’s models are outrageously cheap now, and I’d be very tempted for example to pick up a Galaxy Watch 4 over the newer Watch 5 given the big difference in price for what turned out to be two quite similar watches. 2022 did seem to be a bit of a year for iterative upgrades rather than anything too drastic on some lines, so why not save a wad of cash? Take a look and stay tuned for more.

Black Friday Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

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