Pick up an Amazon Kindle for up to 40% off throughout the Black Friday sales event

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Black Friday is here and with it are a slew of discounts on one of Amazon’s most popular products, the Kindle e-reader. From now through the end of the day (and likely throughout the holiday weekend), you can take advantage of sales on the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis. 

The discounts also extend to Kindle bundle packages, which come with a protective case and charger. You can also snag a great deal on a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, so you’ll get plenty to read on your new device.

Here’s a complete list of the best Kindle deals you can get right now. Other Amazon products — like the Echo, Fire TV, and Fire tablet lineups — are discounted for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), too. 

The best Amazon Kindle Black Friday deals

Amazon Black Friday sales: Helpful links

When is Amazon’s Black Friday?

Amazon’s Black Friday sale takes place on Friday, November 25 (aka, the day after Thanksgiving), and the sales event figures to continue through the holiday weekend and into Cyber Monday. 

What are the newest Kindle models? 

The newest Kindle models are the 2022 standard Kindle, the latest Paperwhite, the 2022 Kids Kindle, and the Kids Paperwhite. Although there are a number of older versions of each of these models, Amazon makes it easy to know which is the most current by attaching a “This is the latest model of this product” badge on each Kindle product page.  

What is the best Kindle?

This depends mostly on what you want out of a Kindle. The standard Kindle is the most compact, featuring a 6-inch screen and 16 gigs of storage space while the Paperwhite has a slightly bigger 6.8-inch screen and 8 gigs of storage. However, the Paperwhite is waterproof, so it’s able to withstand a few spills or an accidental dunk. 

If it’s a children’s Kindle you’re after, both the Kids Kindle and Kids Paperwhite offer similar Kindle experiences but with no distractions from app access, games, or videos. 

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