The Amazon Halo View is shockingly cheap right now

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Amazon excels at making affordable electronics such as e-readers, tablets, and smart speakers. Impressively, the company’s foray into the world of fitness trackers is a valiant effort. We’re talking about the Amazon Halo View, a slim little fitness wearable that is unbelievably cheap at the moment.

We admired the Halo View for its generous seven-day-long battery life and lightweight design in our review. This slim and trim tracker can measure your oxygen saturation levels. It can also monitor your heart rate and has a few other basic fitness-focused software features. Also, the Halo View is water-resistant to 50m underwater.

The Amazon Halo View companion app is very easy to use. Logging your exercise activities is a matter of a few taps. Simply choose the appropriate fit on the AMOLED wearable from Amazon and it starts tracking. Naturally, all your stats can be found in the mobile app for your convenience and later analysis.

There is a smorgasbord of amazing fitness trackers out there, but not many cost this less. In fact, the Halo View is the ultimate fitness wearable for the price it’s going for today. You’d better hurry though, Cyber Monday deals expire by the end of the day so there isn’t much time left.

If you’re not a fan of the band, don’t worry. There are plenty of awesome bands available for the Amazon Halo View, including third-party options.

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