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Dr. Hsui-Li Wang suggests masking up during indoor gatherings

With the holiday season fast approaching, Waterloo Region’s medical officer of health reminds us to increase our layers of protection against a triple threat of viruses.

Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang said we can all do our part to protect the most vulnerable. 

“Especially if we’re gathering with people that have infants or elderly people in attendance, we can wear masks in those private indoor environments. We can make sure that if we start to have symptoms, that we don’t attend,” she said.

But, a negative COVID-19 test result doesn’t mean we’re in the clear.

Dr. Wang said we should still avoid contact with others if we feel ill and wear a mask if we go out because RSV and the flu are also circulating. 

She also reminds us of other health measures used throughout the pandemic:

“All those things will help us to reduce the risk for those that we love around us and it will also help the healthcare system cope better because right now, we’re under a lot of strain,” she said. 

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