What Will Be Streetwear’s Biggest Trends in 2023?

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EDITED — a leading data company that works with brands and retailers across the world — has investigated what trends the major players of streetwear will be pushing for 2023.

Streetwear and luxury were never closer than in 2022. Palace x Gucci (and C.P. Company, Mercedes-AMG, Calvin Klein), Supreme x Swarovski, Balenciaga x adidas, Dickies x Gucci — the list is endless. This informed a new type of streetwear, one that didn’t just dress the kids outside Soho stores at 11 a.m., but the high-fashion crowd, showgoers, the glitterati, and of course, the House’s clientele. The result was a year of high-meets-low, and plenty of it saw luxury get an irreverent nudge (think Palace’s Gucci football jerseys).

On the topic of football jerseys, EDITED has revealed that 2023 will continue to see the fashion-forward sporting piece dominate streetwear trends. It wasn’t just the World Cup that encouraged us all to find out inner fan, tapping into brands like Palace, Umbro, Aries and Martine Rose, it was also high fashion that pushed the agenda onto us. As EDITED notes, “interestingly, Balenciaga’s red soccer T-shirt has seen better SKU movement in bigger sizes after the campaign featured Bella Hadid sporting an oversized jersey.”

A notable part of this trend’s success in 2022 was the ability to slap a logo on a top — “remember, this is a logo-heavy trend, so sought-after brands have a particular accolade when selling shirts,” says EDITED. With this in mind, such logomania also drove sales on fleeces — something that’s set to stay for 2023.

As gorpcore continues to hold itself in the fashion scene, brands like Brain Dead, Stüssy, Gramicci, Supreme, and even Gucci get notable mentions for paving this trend ahead. Per EDITED, “Aimé Leon Dore’s reversible style has seen the majority of SKUs sell out in both colorways.” And such strength isn’t going anywhere as far as luxury is concerned, as Dior Men’s Fall 2023 was littered with fleecy goodness — “Dior’s contrast taped styles and 1/2 zips, also spotted at Kiko Kostadinov, were a welcome update to shape for next year. For womenswear, the SKIMS effect is likely to have an influence, with the brand having recently released its fleece loungewear that includes corseted tops and bottoms for luxe lounge looks.”

Elsewhere, expect to find maxi skirts and cargo pants making themselves noticed consistently throughout 2023. Cargo pants are especially notable, with the likes of Jaded London seeing its signature style landing in fifth place on the Lyst Index for Q2 2022. This will be carried into 2023, as Gen-Z continues to follow the Y2K aesthetic; “The mass market took note, seeing arrivals over the past three months alone increase by 198% in womenswear and 98% in menswear YoY. Gen Z’s penchant for all things Y2K instigated the parachute shape as a key item, accounting for 20% of first majority sellouts over the period in womenswear. Male customers bought into more classic outdoor utility styles, with 75% of sales made up of black, green, brown and grey.”

Rounding out the list is the Moto jacket — something Palace and Gucci championed with its multi-thousand-dollar number. The resurgence of Diesel likely contributed to this trend, ignited by the aforementioned Y2K craze and the zeitgeists of the era like Christina Aguilera in her Dirty age, while recent stars like Rosalía — whose albumMOTOMAMI screams of motorbiking chic on the album cover — also championed the Moto jacket trend.

As EDITED concludes, “more directional, denim versions of the style will refresh and support any noughties trend stories already spotted at Diesel and Supreme this year. For female consumers, the runway was a treasure trove of inspiration, noting biker details such as padding, color-blocking and zips at Dion Lee and Dior, while menswear designers, including RHUDE, opted for a stripped-back, cleaner look.”

You can find more on the research of 2023 streetwear trends on EDITED’s website.

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