The 20 best easy Christmas baking recipes

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Easy. Christmas. Baking. Three of my favourite words. Three of my favourite things. Twenty perfect recipes. Nigel and Nigella! Maple walnut biscuits from Jeremy Lee. A breakfast loaf from Honey & Co, marmalade popovers from Margaret Costa. Advent treats: flammkuchen from Anja Dunk and Yotam’s Swiss chocolate cookies. There are savouries: cheese and quince shortbread from Olia Hercules, sage and onion twists from Benjamina Ebuehi, stilton scones from Claire Thomson. There’s sweet: chocolate plum pudding and candy cane cookies. Truly, simply delicious. Merry Christmas from OFM.

Chocolate gives this Christmas pudding its intense flavour

An Italian twist on bread and butter pudding

A festive treat for breakfast, best eaten piping hot

This is a sublimely simple German version of a pizza

A filo pastry take on the classic mince pie

A tasty variation on the traditional breadstick, perfect for a party

A Scandinavian classic treat to eat with hot tea

The cranberries make this simple cake into a festive treat

The brandy lifts this bake to a thing of appley wonder

A great little canape to go with a lovely glass of festive fizz

Three kinds of ginger go into this festive pudding

These brownies get their nuttiness from hazelnuts instead of walnuts

Intense and treacly, Christmas comfort food at its best

Simple to make and just as good with ice-cream for dessert as with a cup of tea

These spicy Swiss treats can be baked a little ahead of the holiday itself

This biscuit is inspired by American peppermint stick ice-cream

Start the day with this really Christmassy treat

A welcome spicy addition to a festive tea table

Little pots of chocolate-caramel deliciousness, perfect for Christmas

The cheese and fruit give this humble scone a place at any Christmas table

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