The world’s top city destinations for 2022 are revealed

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(CNN) — Europe has been winning the tourism game in 2022, says a new report by a UK-based market research company called — no bias intended — Euromonitor.

Each year, its annual report compares the attractiveness of 100 cities worldwide across six categories — or “pillars” — including tourism policy and performance, sustainability, infrastructure, health and safety and economic performance.

The new report, obtained exclusively by CNN, praises the French capital as “the world’s best-performing destination,” due to its “exceptional performance across the Tourism Policy and Attractiveness, Tourism Infrastructure and Tourism Performance pillars.”

‘Positive year’

Globally, inbound arrivals increased by more than 80% this year in terms of numbers of trips.

“While 2022 was a positive year for the travel sector, the road to full post-pandemic recovery is long, and government support remains critical across all regions,” said Euromonitor. It pointed to steeply rising inflation, worsening economic conditions and the war in Ukraine as factors that are likely to affect the speed of tourism’s rebound.

Asia is the one to watch

A total of 40 European cities featured in the ranking, with Italy (six cities), Spain (five cities) and Greece (four cities) being Western Europe’s big-hitters.

Amsterdam was at number three, Madrid at four, Rome at five and London rose two places this year to No. 6. Munich and Berlin also jumped up the rankings two places — at No. 7 and No. 8 respectively — and Barcelona climbed one place to no. 9.

New York squeaked into the last spot in the top 10, although the report did note that US cities showed “strong rebound in tourism performance” overall.

Asia had a mixed performance regionally due to Covid-related travel restrictions, but Asian cities made some of the biggest leaps in performance. Singapore jumped 30 places up the list and was praised by Euromonitor for being “the most business-friendly destination, with simplified taxation and large share of skilled employees.”

Africa and the Middle East performed best in terms of health and safety.

Intra-regional travel, easing of Covid-related restriction and the rebound of international travel were all key to the attractiveness of cities which shined in 2022.

However, said Euromonitor, “Asia is the region to watch in 2023 as the return of international travel, both inbound and outbound, is sure to shake up the rankings.”

Euromonitor’s Top 10 City Destinations Index 2022:

1. Paris

2. Dubai

3. Amsterdam

4. Madrid

6. London

7. Munich

8. Berlin

9. Barcelona

10. New York

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