USI Affinity travel insurance review 2022

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If you’re taking a trip through a travel agency, university, or other company, USI Affinity is a travel insurance company worth considering. To request a quote, you select the organization you’re traveling with, where you’re traveling to, the state you reside in, and your name and date of birth. Then USI Affinity will select the right travel plan for you.

Travel insurance plans from USI Affinity

USI Affinity travel insurance has two plans: Diamond and Ruby. Diamond is designed for travelers who want higher-end protection. Ruby is for those who want some of the same protections but without the higher limits (and cost) of Ruby.

How much does travel insurance from USI Affinity cost?

For a single traveler taking a week-long trip in Europe during off-season travel at a cost of $2,500 per person, Ruby is $96, and Diamond is $116. Estimated costs are under 10% of the trip cost. The same trip for a family of four is a bit more expensive at $552 for Diamond and $472 for Ruby. Even for this $10,000 trip, the USI Affinity travel insurance premium is still under 10% of the trip’s total cost.

How do I file a claim with USI Affinity travel insurance?

USI Affinity makes it easy to file a claim through its website. On the website, it states, “To file a claim on your travel insurance plan, please download and print the appropriate claim form below, and submit it to the address indicated on the form” along with the following forms:

You can also call USI at 1-855-874-0255 or email [email protected]

Compare USI Affinity travel insurance vs Allianz Travel

Allianz is a popular competitor to USI Affinity as it serves 55 million travelers everywhere. Unlike USI Affinity, Allianz Travel offers multiple plans to customize your trip’s insurance plan. Allianz has over 10 plans to choose from with different features. So you can choose what’s best for you and your family. These plans include single trip, annual trip, and rental car insurance.

Another thing exclusive to Allianz Travel is its OneTrip Prime plan. It offers free coverage for travelers under 17 when traveling with a parent or grandparent. USI Affinity makes no such claims.

Compare USI Affinity travel insurance vs Trawick International

Another large competitor is Trawick International travel insurance. The company offers baggage protection for up to $2,000 compared to USI Affinity’s $300 or $500 coverage options.

According to the company website, Trawick also offers cruise insurance plans and adventure travel insurance covering over 500 different activities. It highlights benefits such as unlimited trip cancellation coverage.

Credit cards can be a great alternative to USI Affinity travel insurance. Make sure your credit card company offers travel protection before your trip. Also, keep in mind, credit card travel protections may not be as comprehensive as an insurance policy.

For example, you might be able to get reimbursed for a flight on a credit card, but only if you paid for the flight with the credit card. If you paid for the flight in cash or with a debit card, your credit card isn’t going to reimburse you. USI Affinity will. You just need to submit a form.

Having additional travel insurance is never a bad option. Some travelers have cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which offers baggage delay protection. USI could add medical coverage, AD&D, hotel and flight coverage after a covered event, and more. No matter what card you have, check to see what travel benefits your card offers. You can stack travel benefits to ensure you’re covered for your trip as long as you use your credit card to purchase all your expenses.


In creating this review of USI Affinity travel insurance, we looked at competitive travel insurance products and compared coverage, price points, exclusions, and more. Then we considered what credit card benefits could complement USI Affinity travel insurance’s travel insurance plan.

Every travel insurance product has its pros and cons. Our aim is to shine a light to help consumers make informed decisions based on all the facts. We know how important insurance is when traveling with peace of mind.


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